GWT announces Mobile Radio Node

by sarim
Published: April 20, 2015 r.

Morris Plains,Apr. 9, 2015 (Press Release)
/PRNewswire-iReach/ —  Global Wireless Technologies (GWT), a leading provider of broadband wireless access equipment and solutions, is pleased to announce the Mobile Radio Node (MRN), an innovative multi-band communications platform for first responders. This platform offers first responders a purpose-built mobile platform that brings the network core closer to the edge and enables local management of communications services including voice, video, and data. MRN extends GWT’s existing commercial access solutions to the public safety market. The product family represents a leap ahead of existing LTE solutions for public safety and delivers improved cost, redundancy, flexibility and functionality.  At about the size of a notepad, the MRN integrates configurable LTE & WiFi radios, a configurable lite Evolved Packet Core (EPC), and a commercial grade router. MRN uniquely offers an optional LTE in-band backhaul in addition to standard wired backhauls (Ethernet) for easy deployment. The unique and highly integrated platform enables first responders to significantly extend an existing LTE network or create their own while remaining confident that the MRN will reliably provide service across the challenging and diverse circumstances in which First Responders must operate.

The ruggedized MRN was designed for easy deployment. It offers a range of transmit power for flexible site selection (streetlights, sides of building). The in-band LTE B14 backhaul reduces the need to install expensive wired infrastructure for the last mile connection. Each MRN can include a dormant or active soft EPC for local traffic routing, authentication, encryption as well as support for local applications (embedded SIP server for VoLTE, PTT, group calling), increasing overall network efficiencies. The MRN can also operate as an independent network or network component in the case where the connection to the existing EPC has been severed and can be deployed as a stand-alone sub-macro cell with an on-board EPC with hosted apps environment.  This adds additional flexibility and redundancy to the network for both day-to-day uses as well as in the event of a disaster. When deployed as part of a larger network, MRN can supplement existing Macro Cellular Coverage by extending the cell range by 25-60% as a fixed or deployable relay.  Additional features include an 802.11 AC access point, a commercial grade router, a hosted Linux based application environment, and high powered version of the Band 14 backhaul for longer range (MRN 36XR).

“GWT is committed to providing First Responders a solution that best fits their requirements. First responders are confronted with a challenge in that re-using the existing commercial network architecture designed for 100+ million subscribers to build a network for 5+ million first responders will be very expensive. Existing funding is limited. GWT believes the MRN can enable local network architects to re-imagine their networks to be more flexible and heterogeneous and meet their bandwidth and redundancy needs at a much lower total cost. With MRN, you can deliver a more intelligent network that can be dynamically optimized for performance in day-to-day as well as in emergency situations while still giving the local stakeholders control and ownership. The challenges observed at many existing FirstNET trials highlight the need for a lighter footprint, increased flexibility, and at a more affordable cost”, said David Gross, GWT’s Director of Product Marketing. “The MRN 36 and 36XR are scheduled to begin undergoing trials with partners this summer and fall. Commercial availability is planned for Q4 2015.”

In addition to the Mobile Broadband Platform, GWT has a wide variety of cellular products including 4G MiFi devices, test & measurement products and signals intercept and analysis systems.