GWT and Colorado Parks and Wildlife Implements Temporary LTE Network for Hunting, Fishing Check Station

by sarim
Published: November 4, 2015 r.

In October, FirstNet Colorado collaborated with Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW), Global Wireless Technologies, Sierra Wireless and Sonim Technologies to set up a dedicated and secure public safety broadband network using Band Class 14 in Clear Creek County, just east of Idaho Springs along the Interstate 70 corridor. Wireless broadband access is challenging due to topography and limited commercial network availability in this area. This demonstration network was set up to support the CPW during a Wildlife Checkpoint operation. During the event CPW and partner agencies used ruggedized handheld devices on the Band Class 14 network to scan RF ID tags, query and enter information into various databases. This network gave CPW a powerful and secure capability that could be accessed in real time as they interacted with hunters and others returning from Colorado’s high country.

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