Smart Relay

Mobile network operators face many challenges networks. Principal among them are areas of poor coverage and the s increasing data capacity requirements to handle the exponential increase in data consumption. One strategy that resolves these challenges is the deployment of Small Cells and Metro Cells by mobile network operators. However, the deployment of Small/Metro Cells in significant numbers due to many obstacles like, 1) significant new infrastructure investment is required (i.e. Femto-Gateway) 2) how to handle interference generated by the unplanned deployment of millions of systems in an ad-hoc fashion, 3) how to remotely manage millions of systems. Due to these obstacles, other solutions such as distributed antenna systems (DAS) and consumer repeaters have their appeal if not quite their comprehensiveness in addressing network challenges. Consumer repeaters are used to repeat analog signals from and to the macro base station. These are vulnerable to signal interference, oscillation, and poor signal quality. But, they have the benefit of not requiring additional investment in network infrastructure and do not affect the existing network (signal) integrity design in a negative manner. Recognizing this market, GWT has spearheaded a unique approach for this market that eliminates these vulnerabilities and offers a new and better product: the Smart Relay.

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